To conquer is never the intention of evil, this is the one of many results of it wanting to be right. It intends you to conquer your self worth over to it, not once or twice…forever.

We are an abundance of energy, creativity, beauty and intelligence. We are one of many unique treasures. Priceless and Free.



In the Name of The Creator do I post this

Today, a thought could not escape my mind, it continuously replayed. I approached it, why? Then I thought of The Creator, I asked Allah for forgiveness in this matter with the sincerity of my heart. He granted me forgiveness. I share this in hopes of anyone who experiences the same if not similar matter to seek The All Merciful Most Forgiving Creator.

Peace and Blessings God willing.


In the name of The Creator do I share this awareness.

I heard the word Acceptance spoken to me twice within a couple of days of each other. And these two people words were enlightening. One from a former husband and the other from an auntie.

I was sitting with my former husband thinking, the very words he is speaking to me is as if it was a reflection of my thoughts about him. I thought, my dear husband my silence is because you speak my voice. I only want peace in this world and in the hereafter and I only have faith in the sustenance Allah provides us. I am sick because I did not deny what was unhealthy for me and I knew better, now I must nurse myself back to health.

Then there is my dear Auntie, who wants success for me and a man who will encourage and love me. She is correct in her statement…I am of age to know what is needed for myself. However, I do not regret the knowledge I have attained as a result of an exciting life I took up and becoming a believer in The Creator.

1. Although I accepted an exciting job, I also accepted I did quit from it. I learned how to authorize my own documents:)
2. Once upon a time I accepted Christianity, then I accepted there is only ONE God and Jesus didn’t die on the cross.
3. I once accepted anything a person in uniform told me, then one day… one said he is the law and another said he’s a puppet.
4. Once I accepted anything my husband told me, then one day I saw, then he denied.
5. I once accepted the logic of the English language, then One day it all changed. October does not mean 10th month. Octo=8.

There is more to say of the miraculous events that happened since the last four years of my life, as I hope there has been in other’s lives. Now that The Creator has opened my eyes, I pray he continues to guide me.

Peace and Blessing in the Name of The Creator


In the Name of the Creator do I post this Awareness of the world.

Currently the world is unhealthy, the is no pill that will fix it, no app that will lead to a cure, and no doctor to give a remedy.
Our world is experiencing a serious matter of pestilence, plagues, wars, separation, weather disasters and spiritual degradation.

I leave these questions as food for those concerned with their health:

Does school matter when the world is degrading around you?
Does work matter when the world is degrading around you?
How much does your health matter to you? Enough to heal the world around you?

I ask that officials help heal the world by helping individuals be self-sustaining without worry of having to be charged to take care of ourselves.
Let this post be record of my awareness towards peace.

The Tribe

Coincidence only exists in the
songs and
the such,
because coincidence is simply a matter of opinion and in those worlds/distractions, you can muster all the opinion you please.

However when reality is front of your eyes


that moment surreals what you have seen before,
that is not coincidence, its a message.

Path to Islam

I know no other langauge than English and for what it is worth, I attempt to formulate out of it a means to translate my view of the world. However, as of late, I attempt to formulate my view of Allah through this English langauge by reading and interpretting the Quran. As a result, what I see, what I feel and what I think I know is in an utterance of conflict and I am in a stage in my life where I have an idea of the power of faith, and what I percieve of myself is a whisper among the many voices that I encounter.

It has left me questioning the quality of my soul, for I know it exists and Allah exists. Which I beg the question often, how much am I able to do with the faith and imagintation I have. Is it possible for this spirit to attain its desire to be with Allah while the body remains in its steed to uphold the will of Allah, then that begs a farther questions and instead it is best to accept what is now for now.

Islam : Muslim

Islam is the religion

And its practiced by believers seeking The Truth.

To differentiate amongst believers, there are Muslims who seek The Truth, however there are few Muslims in the world. There are not thousands, or even millions, there are few Muslims in the World.

This definition is evident today just as it was yesterday and more so confirmed in Al-Quran
of Islam, duties of Muslims and justice of Allah.

Get with someone you know and discuss a new law(s), state its justice, how is it to be judged, what type of people will be the executioners, rehabilitation potential, and so on, BECOME A THINKER! The law is already perfected and its not even man-made, this law has justice where the chain of events has already taken place as a result of action, pray you are not caught on the path towards destruction.